Looking Back – December Review I

It’s always good to take stock of ourselves at some point during year. Most people choose December, and so do I. Not much has changed this year for me…as in, nothing at all, really. I’m trying to further some projects, working freelance and caring for the kids. Boring!

But as my friends hasten to let me know, what I see as tedious, they see as stability. And that’s a great gift, one that many do not have. It couldn’t be more important in life than when you have young children, either. So I’ll take it. I’m grateful for my routine life right now. I’ll spice it up again later, I’m sure. Or not. I don’t even know. I gave up on making plans long ago.

Anyway, this past January, February and March…what happened?

I had to defend myself against a disgruntled library patron, my two year olds stopped calling me mama, and I couldn’t make a bowl of hot cereal to save my life.

I’ve since improved my skills.



About parentwin

Parent of twins, blogger, writer and journalist. I write things. Sometimes people even read them.
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