The Switch – A Twin Phenomenon?

I have one good child and one bad child. Almost always. One is good. One is bad.

If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you’ll think, ‘Oh, I’ve got this. Natalina is the bad twin, and Dulce is the good twin.’

And you’d be wrong.

Natalina, modeling sadface

Natalina had been the “bad” twin for at least six months running, where as Dulce was the “good” twin for that time. Just when my husband and I had resigned ourselves to our toddlers’ personalities, “the switch” happened. This is not the first time we’ve come across the switch. It’s just the first time a phase has lasted so long before the switch occurs.

First, let’s define good and bad, since both of my girls are pretty much good (in my opinion) always.



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