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Toddler Tricks – 63: You’ll Ruin It

Problem: When my kids were younger, they had an obsession with wearing shoes. They always wanted to be wearing shoes. It got to the point where they even begged to nap in them. These days, they’re good with shoes on … Continue reading

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Thirty One Gifts Tote Giveaway!

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Hilarious History

My husband’s brother has a boy a few months older than the girls. He sent us a video of his son answering many historical questions correctly. Who was the first President? George Washington. Who was the sixteenth President? Abraham Lincoln. … Continue reading

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Finger-Sucking Good

When the twins were infants, I rejoiced and counted my blessings for many reasons, not the least of which being that they refused to take a pacifier. What luck! I thought. No constant disinfecting of plastic tabs, no finding gross … Continue reading

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Recipe Monday – Harvest Peach Pie

This pie is firm, not runny, sweet but not too sweet, and the lemon juice contrasts in such a way with the cinnamon and nutmeg to give it a true fall flavor. It’s a huge hit over here. In fact, … Continue reading

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Toddler Tricks – 62: Wrong Side of the Bed

Problem: Your little one wakes up with the attitude of a hungry bear. He’s cranky, grumpy, tantrum-prone and just an all-around treat to start off your day. You’ve tried singing to him, letting him wake you up, waking him up, … Continue reading

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Save the Children

“For just one dollar a day, you could feed a child for life.” We all know those commercials. The ones where the missionary-type person is walking around an impoverished nation, loving kids in front of the camera and begging for … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Cartoon Dogs Talk?

This is a serious question. I mean, sure, some cartoon dogs talk, but of all cartoon species, the dog is often the silent one, full of woofs and pants, but no words. Even the dog in Word World itself has … Continue reading

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It’s Art; Let Them Do It

On Saturdays, we do a family specials program that the kids love. We do gym, art, and music in quick succession. It’s metered out to a toddler’s attention span. For an adult, well, it’s quick enough to make your head … Continue reading

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I’m a Loner, Dulce, a Rebel

Dulce loves people. When she was younger, she would run up to strangers and ask to be picked up. She is constantly looking for ways to involve you in her life. She’s a social maven. She doesn’t like to be … Continue reading

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