Getting Out of Trouble

As my children get a better grasp on conversation, emotion and dare I say logic, they are starting to dictate our movements more and more, wriggling out of tough situations, testing avenues and words to see what will let them do the most damage and get in the least amount of trouble.

Here are a few of their favorites:

They’ll do something they’re not supposed to do, and I’ll tell them not to do that.

Response: “No, I just” (insert bland, non-troublesome activity here, that happens to also be taking place due to their actions.

Example: “Stop stepping on my computer.”

“No, I just reaching the chair.”

Now, that’s true, but it doesn’t change the fact that in order to reach the chair they need to step on my computer.

This is amazing, developmentally. It shows a leap of understanding emphasis and distraction. Good job, kids. Now, get off my computer.

Read the other two ingenious ways the kids get out of trouble:


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