The Hygiene Hypothesis Disproved

Vindication for my dear friend, Jo.

As you know by now, we’ve been sick since preschool started. We’re on day 13 of “oh, so I guess we’re all still sick.” We’re at the point where we’re sure every night before we go to bed, that this is it. This was the last day of lingering sickness.

Then the cough starts up. The cough that keeps everyone awake at different intervals throughout the night. We do steamed bathrooms, honey, vapor rub, water, head elevation. We read stories and chat quietly. We hug and love. We do not sleep.

The morning breaks, and here we all are, still sick, but surely today will be the last day of it, am I right?

Last week, I checked Dulce’s throat and saw that her tonsils were swollen. Red alert. Emergency doctor visit time.

Of course, I was sure these were the biggest any tonsils had ever been ever in the history of mankind. The doctor laughed at that. “Slightly swollen,” she said. “A virus that we can’t do anything about,” she said.

At least it’s not strep, right?

But then she said something that showed me just how much I actually did buy into the Hygiene Hypothesis, and just how wrong I was.


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