Nap Time? Read a Book.

So many times we complain that we are losing ourselves. As parents, our journey through the toddler years is intense and it can seem as if we’ll never make it through. The days fly by but the hours drag out. “Yes, let’s play ball.” “No, stop pulling your sister’s hair.” “For the last time, I said no videos.” “What? Not the wall! Play with the chalk outside.” “No, mommy is too big to be a princess.” “WILL YOU PLEASE STOP YELLING.”

And on and on.

We cook and clean and talk to babies all day, and I, for one, can say that sometimes my brain just mushifies. When the kids finally and blissfully sink into sleep in the middle of the day, I have more chores to do, more work, more errands.


Maybe, every once in a while…maybe once or twice a week, let’s say, break out a book. An hour or two twice a week is not a huge chunk of time, and trust me, the dishes will keep. We talk over and over again about how important it is to get your children reading early, enjoying books and literature and the sounds of words at a young age, but what about ourselves? Shouldn’t we also exercise our brains just a bit, every once in a while?


About parentwin

Parent of twins, blogger, writer and journalist. I write things. Sometimes people even read them.
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