Delving into the Lives of Toddler Twins

This, I’m sure, is mainly a twin phenomenon but parents with singletons born close together probably go through it as well. It takes up so much of my time that I honestly wonder what toddlers that aren’t twins even have to talk about, ask about or whine about. My kids having an identical counterpoint certainly defines our entire lives, day by day. Here are a few examples of problems I have dealt with, just this morning:

“Bon dia, mama, hug?” Dulce crawls onto me in the bed.
“Nooooo. It’s my turn! My hug!” Natalina starts screaming by the bedside.
“You’re next Lilly. Give Dulce her turn.”
“No!” Lilly scrambles up trying to push Dulce out of the way.
After a few moments…
“Okay, it’s Lilly’s turn now.”
Dulce scurries down to my knees, Natalina on my chest, where she proceeds to kick Dulce in the head.
“No! Stop kicking me Lilly! WAAAAAH.”
“Lilly, stop kicking Dulce.” She stops.
“No, her feet still there. Noooooo!”
“Dulce she’s not touching you, it’s okay.”


You know you want to see more ridiculous conversations / fights. Right this way:


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One Response to Delving into the Lives of Toddler Twins

  1. Preemie Mom says:

    I have two girls a little over a year apart and ours are the same way! Its both exhausting and hilarious.

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