What Do You Even Do All Day?

This isn’t your typical post about stay at home moms and how hard they work. I won’t be going on about how we’re teachers, janitors, nurses, etc. Though that’s all very true, this post is about my surprise about how hard I actually work now that I don’t work. I can’t compare myself to anyone else. I’m sure I fall short in the grand scheme of things. There are so many mothers out there, working and not, who are able to accomplish so very much in each short day. No, I can’t compare to them. I can only compare my past working self to my current self, and doing that, I can say with absolute certainty that I am working harder now than I ever have in my life.

When I was working for a weekly paycheck, I was being paid for my time. My work was deadline oriented, and I didn’t need 40 hours a week to do it. I worked, really worked, for a few hours a day, finding other ways to fill the gaps in between. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t climb the ladder as fast as I would have liked to.

Having to work for myself this past year has been an eye-opening experience. My deadline work is now paid for by the project, meaning, those six extra hours of money coming in for nothing is gone. The projects usually don’t pay so well. The economy is rough now, and after an entire year of networking and expanding my base for freelance jobs, I am just now being paid what I was being paid in 2005 for freelance work, when money flowed more freely.

So, what did I do all day, and what do I do all day?

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1 Response to What Do You Even Do All Day?

  1. Scared & Imperfect Mother says:

    Awesome post. As a fulltime working mom i can relate! I often refer to my 8-5 job as my time off! My job only starts when i get home to my kids.

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