Welcome to the Cesspool, I mean, Preschool

So, it is Thursday. The babies should be well into their learning and playing at preschool. But no. They’re here with me. Watching Sesame St., no less.

This is not because I feel I can do a better job teaching them abstract concepts. It’s certainly not because I’m doing such a stellar job socializing them on my own. As much as I complained and worried on Tuesday, I didn’t pull them out because I missed them too much or because they were miserable and unable to survive without me. (They actually had a great time, with a few tears thrown in here and there for good measure. When I went to pick them up, they were pretty much leading the class in story time. Heart melted.)

No, I think preschool is going to be good for us. Except for one thing. The germs.



About parentwin

Parent of twins, blogger, writer and journalist. I write things. Sometimes people even read them.
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