Mama, Will You Read Me a Story? – Guest Post

Oral reading through history has been vital to the evolution of society.  It was first and foremost a means of enculturation.  The cultures, belief, folktales, laws and mores of a society were passed to each generation through the stories that were told.  Myths, as they are properly defined as sacred stories, transferred the ideas of religion, spirituality and the knowledge of the natural world.  Oral stories and teachings also taught the younger generation about their own family history.  Even when stories began to be written down on paper, oral storytelling did not end.  Literacy was not commonplace. Even though moveable type had been innovated in the 15th century making books easier to obtain, it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution of the mid-19th Century that books were cheap enough for lower classes to purchase.  Even with the advent of affordable books many were still illiterate and stories were often read orally so that many could enjoy them.

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