Recipe Monday – Pastina When You’re Sick

We’ve been sick here all week. It’s been awful. The one part of the day that became bearable was lunchtime, and it’s due to this recipe. My kids hate lunch. Actually, they hate eating in general. But mostly lunch. Suddenly, out of nowhere, sick as anything, lunch became their favorite meal of the day.

Here’s what happened. The day after we all got sick, I took out my star pasta that I had bought just for such an occasion. My husband saved me, though, and went out, instead, for Chinese, bringing us back Wonton soup.

The next day, I went to use that star pasta. It had disappeared. I still haven’t found it. This happens to me so often. So, I had to improvise. I used alphabet pasta, simply because it was the smallest pasta I had. My annoyance at not having the right pasta quickly diminished when I saw how excited the babies were to eat letters as food. It was an event on par with holidays for them. Win.

So, here’s the old Italian recipe. It’s a quick and easy soup, ready in minutes.


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