Toddler Tricks – 52: Learning for Life

Problem: Your children are getting older, and you are doing more and more activities with them that require you all to wander far from your home. What if one gets separated. If they can talk, they’re old enough to know to say a few key things to people should they, God forbid, get lost. Solution: Teach them their name. Their full names. First and last. You can do this by calling them by their full names a few times a day. My husband plays a game with them when he comes home from work, where he’ll ask them important questions in the form of a game. They have to come up with the answer, and if they can’t, he goes over it with them. The first question on this list is “what is your name.” Lilly and Dulce aren’t good enough for this game. They need both names. Read More:

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