Franchise Flops

I hardly ever buy commercial icon stuff, not only out of any belief that my kids shouldn’t be advertisements for a company, but also because that stuff is so damn expensive.

You take a $1 plate, you put Mickey Mouse on it, and it becomes a $10 plate.

I know because I got the kids Mickey Mouse plates for Christmas, thinking I was treating them.

Silly me. First of all, the kids don’t care. They’re just as happy eating from the plain pink or green sectioned plates I got for a buck at the Publix. Secondly, the set-up isn’t even remotely practical. One big plate area, for the main piece of the meal (way bigger than necessary.), and two teeny tiny “ears” for the side dishes. Seriously, I can fit, like, three peas in those side dish sections. No good.

Most irritatingly, they’re badly made.

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