The Preschool Problem – Part II: The Phone Calls

Fun fact about preschools here: Did you know the registration takes place in January? In January! For the next year. January.

See, my thought was, welp, the school year just ended, guess it’s time to call for the next one.

How silly.

Thankfully, since you have to pay for your three year olds to go to school here, there are spaces left in several schools, and the administrators are all about getting their tens of thousands of dollars from me, so they didn’t make too much of a fuss about it.

Still, it wasn’t a great way to start the phone conversation.

“Hi, I’ve got twins and I’m looking into enrolling them in some preschool classes.”

“Oh. Well, registration was in January, so…” (you’re pretty much the laziest worst parent ever. Hahaha at trying to enroll now, you silly know-nothing mom).

“Well, they’ll be three in August.”

“Oh! Well, let me transfer you then. I think we still have space.”

Oh, I see. So, okay, great. They have room for three year olds who are potty trained. That’s us. I listen to the hold music.

“Hi, so and so daycare, can I help you?”

“I’m thinking of signing my twins up for preschool. Is this a preschool or a daycare.”

“It’s both.”

“…oh. Well, okay, anyway, they’ll be three in August. Do you have classes available.”

“Yes, have you taken a tour?”

(No! Am I supposed to take a tour before I call?)

“Um, no, but I’d like to.”

“Okay, great. Who else have you called?”

(What? Why is this any of your business?)

“Um, so and so, so and so, and so and so.”

“Oh, well, you’ll want to come to us. We’re better than them.”

(I swear to you, they said this. Two of them said this.)

“Okay, well, I’m looking forward to coming in, but first, could you tell me how much you charge for two days and fulltime?”

“…Don’t you have any other questions first?”

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