I Like My Kid Shows with a Large Side of Guilt

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m kind of religiously confused right now. Of course, I’m dealing with it in the mature way of ignoring it until I can’t any longer. Very healthy.

As such, I wouldn’t normally introduce Veggie Tales into my home. But, Natalina fell in love with the cucumber on the cover at the library, and we brought it home with us. Since then, we’ve watched it a few times. To be honest, it’s pretty great!  The real-world lesson is ‘don’t be selfish,’ something we’re working hard on here, with limited success. The songs are catchy as all get out and based loosely on classical numbers. They address grammar and style. The animation isn’t particularly annoying. I even kind of like the characters.

In fact, here’s a quick preview of the show.

Suffice to say, I really like it, much to my surprise.

I was totally crushed, then, when at the end of the episode a little weird dude comes out and tells my kids that the cucumber’s actions made God angry.



I think even if I were religious and that was a lesson I wanted to teach to my children (which, even if I were religious, I doubt I’d want to teach my kids that they could anger God by being bad and that they had to ask Him for forgiveness, but to each their own) I just don’t think I’d want it coming from a cucumber.

Those are personal lessons that I’d like to share with my children on my own time, in my own words. I don’t want a dancing vegetable to do it for me. I don’t want my television (which makes me feel guilty enough) telling my kids what they should feel bad about and what they should be afraid of.

So, right now, we’re in a compromise. We’ll watch the episode, and I’ll click it off before the last five minutes arrives.  It’s working for us.

Click for me??

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