Hang On, Bean!

Bean, Dulce’s blanket, has had a rough life. Since she adopted her around 13 months, Bean has never left her side. I can’t wash Bean without tantrums at bedtime for days afterward. Once we thought we’d lost her, and I saw my mommy life flash before my eyes. I gave her a replacement Bean as the original began to deteriorate. No dice. That Bean then became purple Bean, with original “pink” Bean still holding center stage.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of Bean:

Bean, the first time she tore. Last August.


Bean helping with crucial potty needs. September.


Bean before bed. November.
Bean after nap. February.
Bean after her second major tear, secondary Bean featured. March.
Bean this morning. o.O

As you can see, Bean has been well loved. She’s been worn down to a dirty little scrap of knots and nothing. She’s had it. It’s curtains for Bean. But how to break the news to Dulce?

I can’t. I won’t. I tremble in trepidation at the thought.

My only hope is for Bean to hold out until June when we see my mother with her snazzy new sewing machine. My idea is to sew old Bean (or a piece of her) onto new Bean. I know this will go over like a lead balloon. I know I’m still in for weeks of anguish. But it’s something, right? I consider it quite the compromise. I mean, I can’t keep letting her hang on to this old thing. Bean is so worn she’s literally disappearing by the day. And we don’t even take her outside. Consider me flabbergasted.

But I can’t just strip her of her Bean, especially when Natalina’s Bear is still going strong (after some minor repairs, of course.)

I love my babies, and they love their loveys. What’s a mother to do?

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