Toddler Tricks – 32

I may have done this one already, but I can’t remember and internet time is limited here, so here is one we used yesterday.

Ways to Trick your Baby:

Problem: You have to go on a really long car ride, say anything over an hour with the your babies in tow.  You know they won’t be satisfied from beginning to end, and you know they probably won’t sleep.

Solution: Leave a bit before naptime if you can manage it.  Smuggle their loveys into the car so that they don’t see them.  When the kids start getting antsy and cranky, pull out the loveys like they are some great gift for the babies.  Most likely, they’ll be thrilled, and getting sleepy.  Ours usually snuggle up and eventually fall asleep with their greatest gift, the lovey that somehow got into the car.

Ways your Baby Tricks You:

Problem: Once you get to your location, you’re all having a lot of fun and the babies don’t want to leave.

Solution: Tell them you have to go and check on their loveys that you’ve left “guarding the car.” Usually the pull of the lovey will be strong enough to at least interest them a bit.  Once at the car, they’ll have the lovey to dry their tears if they are truly going to be upset about it.  Usually, we find that they are tired enough to accept the lovey and the car in place of the fun times they were having.

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1 Response to Toddler Tricks – 32

  1. We tried the first one last night because we had a 4 hour drive. I figured if we left around their bedtime that they would sleep the whole way. They are both such great sleepers and almost never wake up. Last night they both took turns screaming almost the whole way. Ha. Oh well. We made it to our destination and are now enjoying a week off of school!

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