Is There a Doctor in the House?

We have a lovey that needs some medical attention!

Now, the simple solution would be for me to sew the bear back together.  I have a mini-sewing kit. I’m a 28-year-old woman.  I even sewed my own pillow by hand in home economics 15 years ago…and I got a C-! Surely I could repair this.

No. I could not.  I am traumatized from my experiences.  I just don’t sew. Ever.  Okay, maybe a button here and there. But something as delicate and sensitive as Bear’s neck? I wouldn’t dare try. If I do this wrong, I’m in for weeks of crying, toddler-puddley misery.  I will not do it.

Fortunately, we’re going to visit my mother this weekend. My mother who sewed her own wedding dress.  My mother will sew Bear. It’s a perfect solution. That’s what mothers are for after all, right?  Wait, what?  Okay, okay, so I’ll work on my mothering skills.

But of course, nothing is that simple when you have twins.  You see, Bean is also in tatters, and since I told Natalina Nana would be fixing her bear (Nana, by the way, doesn’t know about this yet.  I’m betting I’m not even going to ahve to ask her.  If I know her, she’ll take one look at Bear and get out a sewing kit herself.) Dulce now expects that Nana will be fixing her blanket.  But Bean is beyond repair, even for the most talented seamstress.

The white blob you see on her lap is called “Purple Bean.” Dulce doesn’t know it, but Purple Bean is in training for Bean’s position. We hope to make the transition sometime in the near future. It will not be smooth. But there is nothing else to be done. Bean is so threadbare and full of so many holes, it cannot be patched or fixed.  The best case scenario would be if we can figure a way to attach it to Purple Bean.

These loveys, boy, they’ve had a rough life.  I still have my blanket from when I was a kid.  It’s in much better shape than these two.

Still, life without them is unimaginable. So we go to Nana’s this afternoon, with the hope that she can breathe new life into our loveys.

I, of course, will be sucking it up and learning how to sew, at least in a rudimentary way.  I could do it now, but the knot would be all loopy and gross, and the stitched would be too big and uneven.  Natalina would totally know.

Thank goodness for mothers.

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1 Response to Is There a Doctor in the House?

  1. great post..I cant sew either was never a problem until like you bearwick my sons bear and then my little daughters(my son is 16 years older than my daughter thats why there was no problem her taking over the role of carer of bearwick) lost an eye,yep got up one morning and it had gone…searched the bed..nothing..searched the floor…nothing..couldnf find his blasted eye anwhere …my daughter was hysterical..until my mum said she had to take bearwick f to hospital..there were tears…but god love my mum..she got an eye….still dont know which one of my old teds lost his eye for the transplant…but she returned and normalty was returned to the Keating household…..just reminded me ….my daughter is seven now…still loves bearwick and sometimes says were did grannie get bearwick new eye….Eliza Keating

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