Toddler Tricks – 7

Ways to trick your baby:

Problem:  As a parent, you need to keep your house in a somewhat orderly and clean fashion, and you also need to look after your toddlers at all times because as you clean the last mess they made, you can be sure they’re off making the next one if they’re not in your direct line of sight.

Solution:  Toddlers love to help.  Talk to them excitedly about what you’re going to be doing.  Let them help by holding things or putting objects away for you.  Then, give them a turn to clean.

Ways your baby can trick you:

Problem:  Once you have your kids helping you, they’ll find ways to fight, make you miserable and make every chore you’re doing take at least three times as long.  They’ll often interrupt your cleaning so that they can have their turn early.

Solution:  Give yourself less to do!  As long as you get one or two chores done a day, you’ll be ahead of the game.  Alternately, save the tougher chores for naptime.  And, take heart.  In four or five years, your kids will be doing all of these chores for you on Saturday morning for five bucks.


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