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A Tale of Two Loveys

Meet Blankie and Bear. For identical twins, you couldn’t ask for two more different “loveys.” And ragged and worn as they may look, they’ve only been used for a year – not to mention, I only just washed them yesterday, so this is absolutely as sharp as they look these days. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m here to help you preserve your children’s loveys with knowledge I learned too late. Continue reading

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The Word on the Street is: Disappointment

Having letters and numbers jump out of nowhere with no introduction in a sublime series of ”illogical surprises,” was apparently too much for today’s children to handle. So, now, we’re greeted with a hammer on the head at the beginning of each episode. Here is your letter. Here is your number. Here is your word. Here is your sign. Continue reading

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Not Your Grandma’s Photo Album

If you must take a picture of your child with a beer bottle – or next to baby powder squished into a line to look like cocaine, or being ‘mauled’ by the cat, or whatever else you think is funny that I don’t – use the filters available to you on any of those photo-sharing sites. Privacy filters can be your best friend, especially when your child’s image is involved. Continue reading

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Your Mileage May Vary

“Every woman starts this marathon at a different place. Some come in with the best running shoes money can buy, a backpack stuffed with power bars and a tube of water running into their mouth. Some women come to the race in flip flops or barefoot. Some women come to the race malnourished to begin with or low on energy already.” Continue reading

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