Toddler Tricks – 1

Ways to trick your baby:


If your toddler wants more juice, water, milk – whatever liquid – and the cup is still 2/3 full or more, your toddler is not going to accept that he or she still has enough juice, water, milk – whatever liquid – in the cup.


When they ask insistently for more, go to the freezer, take out a small ice cube and put the ice cube in there.  The ceremony of opening the cup, putting something in, and closing the cup will satisfy them.

Ways your baby will trick you:

Problem:  Babies love aluminum foil, but aluminum foil does not go back to its original roll.

Solution: 1) Don’t leave aluminum foil anywhere within reach of babies ever.  2) Buy it in 25-foot rolls, not 200-foot rolls.

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1 Response to Toddler Tricks – 1

  1. Ha ha ha….this made me laugh! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Just be thankful it was tin foil and not vaseline….been there, done that……very messy!

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